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We are your partner in strategic talent management. Together we find solutions for growth opportunities, transformation journeys and the organizational architecture that is right for you. Most importantly, we help you create the people magic that will make your company unique. We help you succeed in your talent decisions by leveraging our knowledge and experience from global talent management. We believe in taking a holistic approach and combining your data with science and best practice to provide recommendations that will make you a winner. As advisors we have enabled more than 60 EMEA-based fast-growing companies, spanning from Seed to Series C funding, to deploy capital in an effective way. This is through using the right people and organizational practices in order to create growth and test ideas at a higher level. Through our people management consultants at The Talent Company, we have been truly privileged to partner and grow with our fantastic customers. Founded in 2020, now offering the following service areas: Analytics UI for an HR tech service, People insights for a change journey, Distribution channels of people data, CEO Advisory, A journey towards structured growth, The right talent for a growth journey, Preparing a tech company for scaling.
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