Cost reduction

Save time and money.

As the workforce shift to using more extended talent, costs easily goes up. Reduce time spent and save money instantly through our platform.

Pricing insight

Use our benchmarks to get a better understanding of what you should be paying. Gain the benefits from pricecompression.

One way of working

Help your organisation spend less time on repetetive tasks and low level admin. Automate everything from proposal collection, interview scheduling to contract negotiation.

Build proprietary eco-system om talent

Stop working scatter and start working like a team. Access all relevant talent your organization have been supplied to increase your hiring speed.

Hire together.
10x faster.

Our advanced AI algorithms significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the hiring process, ensuring companies find the best talent or services for their specific needs.


less admin




cost reduction


Customer satisfaction

Fill is an invaluable partner in taking our external workforce abilities to the next level.
- Jenny Person

The rules of work are changing

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