Increased control

Introduce one-way-of-working

As companies grow, ways of working increase. Make sure your organization stay compliant and introduce a simple way of working so everyone can focus on business outcomes instead spending time on non critical process.

Simpler purchasing

Continue to work with selected partners in a digital interface.

Freedom through automations

Our software simplifies meetings, contracts and communication.

Single hub for contracts

Consolidate all contracts effortlessly. Fill's single hub ensures clarity and accessibility, reducing complexity and enhancing control over your vendor contracts.

Hire together.
10x faster.

Our advanced AI algorithms significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the hiring process, ensuring companies find the best talent or services for their specific needs.


less admin




cost reduction


Customer satisfaction

Fill is an invaluable partner in taking our external workforce abilities to the next level.
- Jenny Person

The rules of work are changing

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