Simplified talent acquisition for enterprises

Connect with top recruiters who specialize in your industry. And gain access to a pool of highly qualified candidates that align with your organization's needs.

Used by enterprises, loved by everybody.

Amplify your recruitment efforts when using recruiters

Discover hidden talent

Elevate your talent acquisition strategy by sourcing hidden talent through our centralized platform, connected to thousands of specialized recruiters.

One interface for all partners

Effortlessly collaborate with preferred partners and discover new talent specialists on our integrated platform, featuring expert partner recommendations.

Admin automation

Eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks and unlock more time for strategic initiatives.Streamline your engagement with recruiters and consultants.


Make informed, cost-conscious decisions by comparing partner proposals, ensuring you never overpay.

Breaking down barriers in talent acquisition

Step into a new era of talent acquisition excellence, where barriers are a thing of the past. Our platform empowers talent acquisition teams to effortlessly organize and manage their recruitment efforts with recruiters and consultants in a modern, efficient way. Embrace a streamlined journey that fuels collaboration and drives successful talent connections.

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Exceptional recruiters, outstanding candidates – one platform

"Fill is embarking on an ambitious journey to create a talent network that reshapes how we uncover new employees. We empower businesses with smart, effective collaboration tools to connect with recruiters, equipping in-house talent acquisition teams with unparalleled capabilities to find the best candidates."

Kristoffer Frenkiel

CEO & co-founder


Used by enterprises, loved by everybody.

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