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Noba Bank: Scaling from 150-600 employees

Under Julia's leadership, NOBA Bank has transformed its talent acquisition strategy, a move that, in hindsight, stands as a critical factor enabling the company to scale impressively from 170 to over 650 full-time employees in less than four years, an impressive growth! Learn more about how NOBA teamed up with Fill to handle a growing external workforce complexity.

State of talent 2024

This document is the result of a thorough investigation, surveying 30 leading companies on the emerging trends in talent acquisition during January and February 2024. Conducted by the Fill research team, this exhaustive study included a combination of surveys, research activities, and interviews with field practitioners and subject matter experts.

Hire like the best - a compehensive guide for your hiring efforts

The Key to Scaling Your Business: Getting the Right People Building a great company requires the right talent. But as an entrepreneur, finding and hiring top-notch people can drain your time and resources. That's where Fill comes in. We streamline your hiring process, saving you time and money so you can focus on building your business. How Fill Helps: Structured hiring: We'll design a process to make your hiring more efficient. Pre-vetted candidates: Access a pool of qualified talent eager to work for you. Focus on your core business: We handle the administrative burdens of hiring. Want to learn more about streamlining your hiring? Download our whitepaper, "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Streamlined Hiring".

A changing workforce

Discover the future of work with our insightful report, 'Changing Workforce'. Learn about the growing role of external talent like freelancers in today's dynamic business world. Understand the challenges and strategies for integrating diverse workforce models, and how technology is shaping the future of workforce management. This document is a must-read for HR leaders, procurement professionals and business strategists. Download now to stay ahead in managing the evolving landscape of work and talent!