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Talentor Sweden solves complex recruitments through intermixing well-tried methods with new technical solutions. Our innovative ways of solving recruitment gives job applicants new possibilities, and our customers a possibility to renew the ways of finding the best candidates. Talentor Sweden has a broad experience and a big knowledge of recruitments to specialist and manager positions within the private as well as the public sector. All of our consultants and employees have a long and solid experience within recruitment, as well as managing positions within different branches. This gives us a knowledge and understanding about the challenges every single recruitment might face. Talentor Sweden has big focus on equality and diversity in the recruitment process - we know that diversity in workplaces makes the most successful and profitable companies. Talentor Sweden are authorized by HRK, Human Resource Consultants. An independent group controlling that members are using scientific and accepted methodology regarding the use of processes and other tools. HRK also evaluates how members are following stated ethical guidelines. HRK also evaluates the economy for new members to secure customers long term relation.
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