Skoog Stjerna

We have worked with recruitment since the late 1990s and have recruited for executive and managerial positions in most industries. Our clients are all kinds of companies and organizations, from small, local companies to large, global players, often with local or regional subsidiaries. Our drivers are a keen curiosity and a strong will to help our clients to succeed. With our combined experience of more than 40 years in executive search, assessment, senior leadership roles and from coaching and developing people and organizations, we are convinced there is no single perfect candidate for a certain position. However, there might be a perfect match! It’s all about understanding both the context and the candidate, and we take great pride in doing so! We believe that is why our customers trust us in helping them recruiting for managerial and specialist positions as well as senior positions within sales and marketing. Why they use us to assess individuals or groups to get an in-depth understanding, and why we are a natural choice for coaching managers in order to improve their leadership. We want to be a very important partner to a few clients and work with them for a long time and we are proud of the fact that no less than 87% of our assignments come from direct recommendations.
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