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What would it mean for your business if HR and payroll admin felt a lot less like hard work? What if, instead of wading through admin chores, everyone could get on with the job they actually came to do? We think that would fundamentally change the way people work. And thanks to intuitive services designed with people, not just technology, in mind, SD Worx, formerly Aditro, is making it happen. Moving the world of HR and payroll. We’re firm believers in making things simple. After all, business admin can be complicated. But SD Worx solutions are refreshingly straightforward, intuitive and accessible. And while we embrace all of today’s technologies from automization to AI, we’re still real people, designing for real people. With a love, care and a genuine desire to create solutions which make a difference. People, not tech, come first. We don’t build things because we can. We create solutions for real people in the real world who work everywhere, anywhere, anytime and on any device. And because we always think people first, our intuitive tools are picked up in an instant – and used over, and over, and over again. We love hard work. Savings. More efficiency. Greater accuracy. Improved compliance. All our solutions are created to deliver hard results. And they do just that. That’s what comes of having the Nordics’ strongest HR and payroll admin specialists on board. Job done. If it doesn’t make life easier, we’re not interested. If it doesn’t make HR and Financial admin faster, smoother, even a pleasure, we don’t want to know. If it doesn’t make work work better, it’s not for us. We simply want to get the job done. And done brilliantly. SD Worx has more than 76,000 small and large organisations across the globe that place their trust in SD Worx and its +75 years' worth of experience.

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