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We are Parallel! Parallel is an international, award winning trusted staffing partner to clients across the United States, DACH, Benelux and Nordic regions, where we deliver comprehensive Recruitment services across Infrastructure, Analytics, Software engineering and IT Security. Driven by our mission of bridging technology with the future, we provide global and local solutions for our clients around the world. We have specialized solely in technology & analytics from the start, focusing on selected markets and building deep understanding of the needs, opportunities, challenges, and cultural gradations/shifts in every area. We bring expertise and experience to guide all our clients and candidates. We develop a strong understanding of what each of our clients’ needs and pair this with a global network of candidates nurtured over nineteen years. This puts us in a unique position to provide unrivalled insights, advice and support to ensure the right technical and cultural alignment, every time. Passionate on behalf of our clients, professionals, and each other, our consultants communicate both openly and honestly to provide a seamless and reliable level of service, within and beyond our office borders. We are united and supported by our core values, our “Parallel Pillars” (imaginative, authentic, collaborative and mastery), which our people helped us to shape. Our people support each other to deliver the highest standard of service whilst embracing the ethos that underpins the work that we do at Parallel.
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