Sverige IT Rekrytering (SITRek) is Young, Dynamic, Passionate, Result oriented and First in Sweden market bringing all possible sources (social media, campus hires, own dedicated job portal, referrals, advertisements, etc.) to source the '​'Best IT Hires'​'​ with the minimal supply lead time to recruit the candidate by following the innovative talent search process which basically sound mix of latest technology and technical process driven to excel the recruitment of skilled resource ON TIME IN BUDGET to secure our customers deliveries with BEST QUALITY. We provides IT skilled resources in latest IT technologies like AI, Block-Chain, IoT, Cloud, AZure, SAP, JAVA, Big data, Hadoop, .net, database, front-end, middle wares, web developments, mobile developments, etc. for all roles like developers, testers, solution architects, business analyst, project managers, test leaders, program managers, etc. We put all our resources, energy, focus, knowledge on our customers requirements (not just on given JD but on overall organizational vision) to deliver them best out of the market (local and international). We charge to our clients only on successful hires post their joining with warranty period so in nutshell we ensures our customers satisfaction and needs at par.
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