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Nigel Wright Group is Europe’s number one consumer sector recruitment specialist. Our international reputation is for recruiting executive, sales, marketing, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, engineering, procurement, finance, IT and HR roles at both management & executive board levels. We have 11 offices throughout Europe sourcing the best local and international talent. We also have 1 office in America. As a global leader with three decades of experience, we are united by a passion to deliver bespoke search solutions to clients and candidates alike. Our clients trust us to quickly attract the highest calibre and most suitable candidates first time. 1. We access candidates that others can’t. 2. Our customers believe we enhance their employer brand. 3. We control the process and manage risk, allowing you to focus on your day job. We are true consumer industry experts, with the most extensive network and knowledge-base which is accessible to all our recruitment consultants. - Drinks industry experts – we have made over 1300 placements at more than 370 companies. - Sporting goods industry experts – completing over 200 placements with the world’s leading sports brands. - Consumer electronics industry experts – fulfilling nearly 400 placements across 85 companies. - Food industry experts – completing 1,800 placements at more than 500 companies. - Health & beauty industry experts – completing over 600 placements with the world’s best known brands. - Lifestyle Industry experts - implementing over 1,200 placements with more than 350 companies. Our network of international offices provides a global reach across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, USA, Latin America and ASIA-PAC regions. We foster a creative spirit and unwavering dedication to service excellence, guaranteeing the best outcomes for our clients.
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