Lager & Partners

Lager & Partners, founded in 2004, is an Executive Search firm focused on the financial sector. We work with recruitment to management positions, qualified specialists and offer advice and support to owners and management in relation to human resources. Our clients include Swedish and international companies and institutions. Outside the immediate financial sector, Lager & Partners primarily advice clients regarding financially related positions, focusing on CFOs, Treasury, Inhouse M & A, Business Development, Investor Relations and Business Controlling. The search business is mainly related to positions in Stockholm, but also to London and the other Nordic capitals. Our consultants and researchers have more than 40 years of experience in Executive Search, as well as solid operational experience from the financial sector, and are thus a partner that understands your challenges and needs. Our conviction is that understanding and knowledge of the changes that take place in the financial sector and for the subsequent skills needed, is of utmost importance in the long term to be a relevant partner. Our clear focus since 2004 makes us relevant. Whether you are looking for a new challenge or needing to strengthen / develop your organization.
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