K2 Partnering Solutions

K2 Partnering Solutions provides unique end-to-end consultative technology solutions in the enterprise applications and cloud space. We support leading enterprises seeking highly-skilled human capital and integrated solutions to develop, implement and operate critical technology and business solutions. Our end-to-end solutions are provided through our core brands: K2 Managed Solutions: https://managedsolutions.k2partnering.com/ Delivers critical technology projects for companies and manages programs that help them get the most from their existing applications using the most highly skilled teams in the world. K2 Talent Solutions: https://www.talent.k2partnering.com/ Connects talent from our world-leading network of 900,000 experts with opportunities, so companies and people can succeed in a world of technological innovation. K2 University: https://k2university.com/ Provides official training and certification programs to companies and independent professionals that help them succeed in fast-changing technology ecosystems. K2 Platform Solutions: https://k2partnering.com/k2-platform-solutions/ Creates technologies and platforms for companies and talent to find each other, engage and build meaningful connections.
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