Finna Group AB

The Finna Group was born to help companies boost their technical capabilities through targeted permanent and contract/consultant staffing across multiple disciplines; backend, frontend, DevOps and Mobile development. Having been a trusted partner of multiple start-ups, scale-ups and global corporate businesses since our journey started in 2020 we have successfully helped staff multiple teams across the globe. As consultants, we specialise in one area and one area only, which gives us a face in the community. We've already started MeetUp groups in Sweden and virtually. The idea behind this is we want to be advocates of the industry, not just phone bashers or Linkedin hounds. We promote being a familiar face in the community and put a keen emphasis on candidate experience first and full most. Not only do we boast our knowledge and success but we boast of being an ethical, honest, and transparent recruitment business that is changing the industry clichés.

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