We are Digitalent! An IT consultancy that focuses on leadership and competence development. Our hallmark is to help companies and organisations grow their development teams. Through our unique cooperation with Academic Work, Sweden's leader on staffing and recruitment of Young Professionals, we have the possibility to combine senior and junior developers in efficient project teams, allowing our clients to recruit the junior developers without extra charge. As our client, this means that you can take a short cut when building your development team. The Digitalent consultants, with senior experience, are responsible for guiding, coaching and training junior developers who you can keep. As a consultant at Digitalent you get the opportunity to develop your leadership skills by leading our clients’ development teams. If leadership is not one of your career goals, we also have specialist consultants who focus on being the technical pillars in our assignments. No matter what interests you the most, Digitalent will help with both internal and external competence development, leadership trainings, clear career paths and top-class benefits. And by the way, we offer partnership to all our colleagues. The partnership makes us all strive towards our goals together and internal competition is removed. This contributes to a genuine corporate culture which is characterized by our engagement. Do you want to be a partner in our company and at the same time focus on your development? Then we might have a future together.
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