CoGig is no ordinary recruitment company. Our vision of gender equality regarding the power in business as well as our focus on engineers is a unique combination. As People Partner in employer branding and recruitment, CoGig works with three annual development programs for women and non-binary persons in engineering studies, network-based recruitment and development in employer branding via events and workshops. We are proud to collaborate with several of the most influential companies in Sweden to transform our vision into reality. Over the years, CoGig has built a large network of women and non-binary engineers. Its members are found from north to south and have work experience ranging from 0 to 20 years. Many have leadership experience, others have experience in tech/IT, while still others prefer to work in more specialized roles within technology. We work actively with our network, with the aim of getting to know the members, keeping track of their skills and what challenges they are looking for. Everything for the best possible match between candidate and company.
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