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Clavic Consulting offers small and medium-sized enterprises: Recruitment /Headhunting of all sales functions and other senior managers, assessments of managers including: Second Opinion, 360 ° Clavic Consulting uses assessment tools from SHL Group in combination with 20 years experience within sales. Sales Audit – what in your current sales process will you find your sales reps strengths? We assess and evaluate their current strengths and map this against the Sales Managers strategy. The Sales report could be used as a coaching map by the Sales Manager or in combination with us. Sales Due Diligence - We assess the current sales skills before a merge or a take over. Is the current sales process optimal to find growth? Could the Sales reps be more successful in using other sales methods? Is the number of Sales reps optimal to please the customers today? Tomorrow? Can we be organised otherwise? The result could be used as an attachment in the due diligence process and will reduce crucial time to more quickly improve sales revenue.
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