Data driven interim management. Capacify provides clients with the right interim consultant through data-driven assessments and quality relationships. On our platform, consultants identify core skills and have them ranked by references. We combine our unique data with other sources to assess who is really good at what. To the consultants on our platform, this means they can prove their worth within their fields of expertise. This creates a fair playing field where they are appraised by their competences instead of backgrounds, appearance, ethnicity, age, or self-confidence. To the clients and partners looking for interim talent, this means they will know that presented individuals possess the right competences, enabling them to focus on personal and cultural fit to their team. Our platform contains +1,000 graded profiles of interim professionals within fields such as general management, project management, finance, IT, and, HR. In our first year, we have provided consultants to close to 100 assignments. We believe in close relationships, so our clients and consultants get the best of personal service and unbiased data. Capacify is a new company and we are building it into the company we would love to work for. Innovation and competence are cornerstones of our strategy and so is culture. Our culture is built on simplicity, curiosity, excellence and fun.
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