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Instead of spending countless hours sourcing and comparing proposals from various recruiters, I can lean on Fill’s experience and expertise, at no cost. Brilliant!

Rikard Karlander

As a line manager, time is of the essence. Through Fill, I easily get in touch with relevant hiring partners. The platform is super easy to use, and I can therefore spend time more wisely.

Arvid Warrenstein

We used Fill's services to support our work around recruitment and interim consultants. Simple for me as a hiring manager.

Jonas Ahlberg

Simple! I lack experience in recruiting and therefore Fill's advisory and supportive approach was very helpful in my choice of recruitment partner for Hem.

Devin Ingersoll

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"Super impressed with what Fill has built. In my mind, they are redefining what people can expect from recruiters."

Camilla Bråneryd

Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Svea Solar

Used by enterprises, loved by everybody.


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