Talent Journey

We challenge Talent Acquisition in the tech industry. A pretty daring mission for a company of 5 one might think, but we are also a bunch of bold people who never lower the bar. We are here to level up how tech companies work with talent attraction and recruitment. And of course, provide them with tools and strategies that they will need to excel on their own. Talent Journey is defined by breaking new grounds. We love to have fun, grow and try new things together. Our approach is not to be the best today, but to keep working for a better tomorrow. The goal is TA 2.0: Where companies hire for potential, value diversity and take pride in delivering a cutting-edge candidate experience. Throughout the years, we have partnered up with some of the most promising tech companies in Stockholm. Or well, probably even in the world (King, Zound Industries, Mentimeter, Bambuser, Blocket, Sinch, Fall Damage, to mention some of them). Slowly changing the industry one assignment at a time. We take on gigs as consultants or interim solutions and work onsite embedded in our clients TA teams. Or, build functions from scratch. Always with tech in mind and humans at heart!
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