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We at Lisberg are experts in Executive Search, Management Assessment and Board Value. What makes us unique is that we possess the skills and experience necessary for stepping into our clients’ shoes. Understanding the business needs of our clients precisely forms the basis from which we can identify, select, test, and match up the right person - with what you need. Most of our clients have been with us for many years, which can rightly be considered a testament to the repeated success of what we do. Our good, long-term client relationships mean we can build up an in-depth insight into each client’s business needs. Naturally this makes for invaluable knowledge when it comes to that client’s next important recruitment. As a member of IMD International Search Group, with more than 150 consultants and 40 offices in 23 countries, we have ample resources to carry out international recruitments of quality. Business Concept: To find tomorrow's leaders today and to become the most attractive consulting firm to clients, candidates and employees on a selected market.
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