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Commended is a platform that utilizes machine learning to create a smoother running market for independent consultants. A market that employs millions of professionals but that is held back by poor transparency around who is good at what, wants to do what, is available when and at what price? Our platform has been used to identify qualified consultants for more than 30 companies. It helps consultants to prove their value far beyond a CV. Consultants not only grade their skills but can obtain skill gradings from clients and colleagues. Data that, when combined with Commended’s search algorithms, provides consulting companies, agencies, and other companies, unbiased recommendations on who could be right for the job. By placing this information (including current data on availability and pricing) at the fingertips of those looking for talent we minimize time wasted on scrolling and unfruitful outreaches, freeing up time to do more value adding stuff. Our intention is to transform this important market into something that is transparent and fair for consultants as well as companies. A platform where talent finds the right work and work finds the right talent.
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