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Are you looking for an easier way to find recruitment companies for your business? You're in luck! With the rise of online directories and managed marketplaces, it's now easier than ever to find and connect with HR companies that meet your needs. 

Online directories and managed marketplaces are online databases of companies that offer specific services. They can be a valuable resource for businesses that are looking to find service providers quickly and efficiently. Here's what you need to know about using online directories for HR companies and managed marketplaces within the recruitment industry.

What Are Online Directories?

An online directory is a website or platform that lists businesses, organizations, or individuals in a specific category or industry. For example, an online directory for HR companies would list all the businesses that offer recruitment services, along with their contact information and other relevant details.

Online directories can be general or specialized. Some online directories cover a wide range of industries and services, while others are focused on specific niches. The advantage of a specialized directory is that you can find companies that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Our recruiter directory covers a vast number of recruiters in Sweden that provides recruitment, headhunting, interim, second opinion, and background checks, among many other services.

Benefits of Using Online Directories for Recruiters / HR Companies

There are several benefits to using online directories for HR companies. Here are a few:

  1. Saves time: Searching for recruiters / HR companies can be time-consuming, especially if you don't know where to start. An online directory can help you quickly find a list of companies that meet your needs.
  2. Variety of options: Online directories often list a wide variety of HR companies, so you can compare and contrast their offerings to find the best fit for your business.
  3. Easy to use: Most online directories are user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can quickly find the information you need and contact companies directly through the directory.
  4. Cost-effective: Many online directories are free to use, so you don't have to pay for expensive subscription services or hire a third-party service to find HR companies.
  5. Access to a larger pool of recruitment companies: Online directories can help employers access a wider range of recruitment companies than they might otherwise be aware of, increasing their chances of finding a company that is the right fit for their needs.

What are managed marketplaces?

Managed marketplaces are online platforms that facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers, typically in a specific industry. They offer a more efficient way to find and transact with service providers, providing additional services like background checks, reviews, and payment processing. They are beneficial for both buyers and sellers, offering a more convenient and streamlined way to do business online.

Managed marketplaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a more efficient and streamlined way for people to find and transact with service providers.

Unlike traditional marketplaces, which simply act as a listing platform for service providers, managed marketplaces offer a range of additional services to help ensure the quality of the services provided by the service providers on the platform. These services can include things like background checks, reviews and ratings, dispute resolution, and payment processing.

For example, if you were looking to hire a freelancer for a project, you could go to a managed marketplace like Upwork or Fiverr. These platforms would not only allow you to browse through a list of potential marketing freelancers but would also provide you with tools and services to help you select and manage the relationship with the freelancer. You could communicate with the freelancer through the platform, and the platform would also handle payment processing and dispute resolution.

Benefits of Using Managed Marketplaces for Recruiters / HR Companies

Here are five benefits for an employer who uses a managed marketplace to find and hire service providers:

  1. Streamlined search: A managed marketplace provides a more efficient way to find and filter through a large number of service providers, based on specific criteria such as skillset, experience, and availability.
  2. Verified service providers: Managed marketplaces conduct background checks and verify the credentials of service providers listed on their platforms, helping ensure that employers can trust the quality of the services provided.
  3. Integrated communication: Managed marketplaces often provide built-in messaging tools that allow employers to communicate with service providers directly through the platform, making it easier to manage the hiring process and stay organized.
  4. Ratings and reviews: Managed marketplaces typically provide a system of ratings and reviews for service providers, giving employers a better sense of the quality of services provided and helping them make more informed hiring decisions.
With the vastly growing number of companies in the HR industry, making the right choice for a recruitment partner becomes more complex!

The difference between an online directory and an open marketplace

An online directory is a website or platform that lists information about businesses or individuals based on a specific category, such as recruiters in Sweden. The directory provides a list of company names, contact information, and other relevant details that may be helpful for users who are searching for specific services or products. Users can search the directory to find relevant information and contact the recruiters directly.

On the other hand, a managed marketplace is a platform that not only lists information about service providers but also facilitates the transactions between buyers and sellers. A managed marketplace provides a range of services to help ensure the quality of service provided by the service providers listed on the platform, such as background checks, reviews, and ratings. In the case of our managed marketplace of recruiters in Sweden, the platform provides a curated list the recruiters and provides tools and services to help the hiring manager and employers to connect with and efficiently use recruiters, such as messaging systems, contract templates, and payment processing.

Overall, the main difference between an online directory and a managed marketplace is that an online directory simply provides information, while a managed marketplace provides a complete platform for conducting transactions and managing relationships between buyers and sellers.


Businesses can find recruitment companies and HR services through online directories and managed marketplaces, which offer a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way to find service providers. Online directories provide a variety of options, save time, and provide access to a wider range of recruitment companies. Managed marketplaces, on the other hand, offer additional services like background checks, reviews, and payment processing, which provide a more streamlined search, verified service providers, integrated communication, and ratings and reviews. The article highlights the difference between an online directory and a managed marketplace, concluding that a managed marketplace provides a complete platform for conducting transactions.

Luckily, we at Fill have created such a directory with most of the recruiters on the Swedish market! Start exploring our online directory today to find the HR solutions that your business needs! Link to the directory: 👈

We have also built a managed marketplace with a more curated and lean approach to solving your hiring problems. Using our managed marketplace is free of charge and can be accessed here: 👈

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At Fill, we're developing tomorrow's job platform to help companies and recruiters work better together. Fill is the place where companies get access to the best recruiters in the market, who in turn are sitting on the best candidates. By using Fill, you reach recruiters locally, but also globally as Fill works with selected recruiters in several countries. 

In addition to access to the right candidates and recruiters, Fill offers the opportunity for our clients to gain better insight and understanding of what the recruiter is doing during the job itself. An area that has historically been difficult to understand. 

Our service is free to use and you choose whether you want to use our digital guides or get advice over the phone.

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