Commission Fee

1. Overview

Commission Fee when a Purchase Agreement is entered into between the Customer and the Supplier is calculated according to the table below:

2. Example

  • Calculation example: Recruitment

A Purchase Agreement has been concluded via the Platform to a value of SEK 180,000. As it is a New Customer, Fill is entitled to a Commission Fee of 15% of SEK 180,000, i.e. SEK 27,000.

  • Calculation example: Interim

A Purchase Agreement has been concluded via the Platform with an Existing Customer for a total value of SEK 1,000,000 over 12 months. Fill is entitled to compensation of 8% of SEK 1,000,000, i.e. SEK 80,000. The Commission Fee is paid monthly based on the invoiced amount from the Supplier to the Customer, i.e. calculated as SEK 6,667 (80,000 divided by 12). The invoicing of the Commission Fee is contingent upon the Supplier invoicing the Customer for the completed work. In the event of premature termination of assignments, Fill is not entitled to compensation from the Supplier for work that remains non-invoiced.

All amounts are stated in Swedish kronor and exclude value-added tax.

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