Ework Group

Ework Group is a market leading, independent consultant supplier in Northern Europe with focus on IT, telecom, technology and business development. Success lies partly in being independent. Without employed consultants, Ework can impartially match every assignment with the right consultant from the whole market. Founded in Sweden in 2000, Ework today operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Poland. The company has frame agreements with more than 160 leading companies in most industries, while managing 9,000 consultants on assignment. The head office is in Stockholm, Sweden. Ework’s shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. Business Idea: We bring consultants and clients together. We attract, match and develop consultants and clients by offering modern competence management solutions and services. This could include anything from our strong values, our change focus, our independence or our clever Ework Matching Process™ to questioning a perceived competence need, coaching a consultant or communicating what the right market price should be. Business Model: We are independent with access to the whole consultancy market. For our clients, having no employed consultants means that we are able to deliver consultants from the whole market, instead of delivering consultants from our own payroll who are, or will soon become, available. For consultants, it means that there is no risk that we prioritise our own consultants for an assignment, or employ consultants for specific as-signments. Clients and consultants benefit from supply and demand, obtaining the right price and achieving a more objective Ework Matching Process™.
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