Empower your in-house talent acquisition team with our AI-driven platform, designed to optimize collaboration with headhunters and consultants, ensuring hiring success.

Powerful features right off the bat

One-stop recruitment hub: simplify and consolidate your talent sourcing, procurement, and consultancy management – effortless efficiency!

Centralized platform

Simplify and centralize your talent sourcing, procurement, and consultancy management with a one-stop solution for efficiency and ease.

GDPR compliance

Effortlessly streamline GDPR compliance, eliminating scattered resumes in inboxes and hard drives from recruiters.

AI powered matching

Our advanced AI algorithms connect companies with the ideal headhunters, consultants, and candidates, tailored to your unique needs – where quality meets efficiency!

Access to 1000+ Talent Pools

Experience a seamless and consistent approach to sourcing and procuring recruiters and consultants.

Data & Analytics for enhanced control

Receive qualified partner recommendations for various roles, ensuring access to the best resources and expertise for your specific needs.

Built-in collaboration

Easily collaborate with preferred partners and new recruiters, expanding your network and discovering top talent or services.

And we are just getting started

There’s just so much power you have with Fill

Performance tracking

Monitor recruiter and agency performance with in-depth metrics, driving accountability and continuous improvement.

Scheduling simplified

Efficiently schedule, conduct, and evaluate interviews to find your ideal hire – no more calendar chaos.

Data-Driven decisions

Leverage cutting-edge analytics to make data-driven decisions and elevate your recruitment process.

Consultant sourcing

Source, procure, and collaborate seamlessly with expert consultants using our extensive network to manage your contingent workforce.

Swift onboarding

Onboard existing recruiters or consultants in minutes, saving you days of manual work.

AI advantage

Supercharge your recruitment with intelligent automation and find perfect candidates faster.


Centralized recruiter and consultant repository at your fingertips! Organize, manage, and access agencies & profiles with ease and precision.


Upgrade recruitment communication with integrated chat! Connect instantly with recruiters, consultants and candidates. Collaborate, and close deals smoothly.

Candidate match

Harness the power of AI-driven candidate matching, identifying the best fit for each position with ease, sourced from more than +1000 recruiters.

Job descriptions

AI-crafted job descriptions for success! Attract top talent with compelling, targeted, and bias-free descriptions in seconds.

GDPR Compliance

Safeguard candidate data and ensure regulatory compliance with built-in GDPR management tools.

Employer branding

Promote your company culture and values with a branded career site, attracting top talent to your organization.

Unlock your full hiring potential

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Customer satisfaction

Fill is an invaluable partner in addressing the challenges of working with recruiters and interim partners.

Victoria Lakamova


What our users say

Instead of spending countless hours sourcing and comparing proposals from various recruiters, I can lean on Fill’s experience and expertise, at no cost. Brilliant!

Rikard Karlander

As a line manager, time is of the essence. Through Fill, I easily get in touch with relevant hiring partners. The platform is super easy to use, and I can therefore spend time more wisely.

Arvid Warrenstein

We used Fill's services to support our work around recruitment and interim consultants. Simple for me as a hiring manager.

Jonas Ahlberg

Simple! I lack experience in recruiting and therefore Fill's advisory and supportive approach was very helpful in my choice of recruitment partner for Hem.

Devin Ingersoll

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Our advanced AI algorithms significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the hiring process, ensuring companies find the best talent or services for their specific needs.

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Fredrik is one of our four founders. He is an expert problem solver and has been a sales representative for Fill for more than 3 years and helped more than 100 enterprises and start-ups in finding the right solution to solve their problems.