How does Fill work?
We at Fill have collected and evaluated the market's best recruitment and interim companies in a digital marketplace. We make it easy for those of you who need external help with recruitment to get in touch with selected, high-quality suppliers. Based on your specific requirements, we collect quotes from recruitment companies and run the comparison process for you. You take part in an easy-to-understand comparison where the companies' offers become transparent and you then choose which companies you want to meet in a next step. Forget the time with lots of emailing back and forth about meeting agendas. Our service helps you start from your calendar. Choose the time when you want to meet the recruiter instead of being chased by companies that want to present their offer to you. Thanks to Fill, you maximize the value of your time, as you can focus on other things, and can say with certainty that you chose a recruiter of high quality. In addition, our belief is that it results in you getting better candidates in the end. We help you with the comparison of both recruitment and interim companies.
Interim via Fill?
When your need for resources is more temporary and permanent employment is not suitable, interim can be an effective solution! By making a request via Fill's service, you get the opportunity to compare consultants from several different interim suppliers in a flexible and free of charge way. Fill presents the CVs of consultants and makes a recommendation about which profiles best suit your needs.
Do I sign an agreement with Fill or the recruiter?
You sign an agreement directly with the recruitment company when you have chosen who you want to work with.
How long does it take from the time an inquiry is sent until I get to meet a recruiter?
After we have reviewed and approved your request, we immediately go out to our partners with the goal of being able to present proposals to you on an ongoing basis. You then get a unique comparison between the companies' offers and if you wish, plan and administer Fill digital meetings with the recruitment company or companies you want to meet.
Is Fill neutral in its recommendations?
Fill has no hidden agreements with individual suppliers, but our goal is to help you who are looking for recruitment services to find the right recruiter or interim solution for your specific needs. The more precise you are in your wishes regarding a need, the better we can match them with our partners. We are convinced that by having a transparent process we create valuable and long-term collaborations for buyers and sellers of these services.
How do you ensure that you recommend quality recruitment companies?
The experts at Fill have extensive experience in HR and recruitment. This experience, together with modern technology and ongoing collection of evaluations means that we can say with certainty that they are quality recruitment companies that we recommend. We always start from your specific request and match suppliers based on your needs.
Is it free to use Fill?
Yes, using our service is free of charge for those looking for a high quality specialist recruiter. We help you from the inquiry to the signed contract. The price offered by the recruiter is what you pay. Fill gets paid by the supplier when a contract is mediated and signed between you and the supplier.
Which recruitment companies does Fill cooperate with?
We work with a large number of suppliers and continuously increase our supplier base. We start from your needs and then analyze the market and contact the recruitment companies that specialize in a function, industry or area. If you have specific requests regarding a supplier you want to be included, contact us at hello@askfill.com.
Are there requirements to use Fill's service?
In order to use Fill's service, it is required that you work at the applying company and have a company-specific e-mail address.
Is Fill a recruitment company?
No, Fill is not a recruitment company. Our goal is instead to help Swedish companies get in touch with the market's best recruitment companies and recruiters. We are convinced that good recruiters know sharp candidates. But choosing the right recruiter is a complicated task for many who lack knowledge about recruitment and purchasing. Regardless of whether your need is to hire a new colleague (permanent) or if you have a temporary need (interim) we have collaborations with well-known and specialized companies that can help you.